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This Template part adds ticket custom field values to mail.


 # old RT versions may be need:
 # my $CustomFields = $Ticket->QueueObj->CustomFields();
 my $CustomFields = $Ticket->QueueObj->TicketCustomFields();
 while (my $CustomField = $CustomFields->Next()) {
   my $CustomFieldValues=$Ticket->CustomFieldValues($CustomField->Id);
   $OUT .= $CustomField->Name;
   if ($CustomFieldValues->Count) {
     my $spacer;
      if ( $CustomField->Type ne 'FreeformMultiple' and
          $CustomField->Type ne 'SelectMultiple' ) {
       $spacer = " " x (20 - length($CustomField->Name));
     } else {
       $spacer = "\n";
     $OUT .= ":" . $spacer;
   } else {
     $OUT .= ":\n";
   while (my $CustomFieldValue = $CustomFieldValues->Next) {
     $OUT .= " " if ( $CustomField->Type eq 'FreeformMultiple' or
                       $CustomField->Type eq 'SelectMultiple' );
     $OUT .= $CustomFieldValue->Content . "\n";
   $OUT .= "\n" if ( $CustomField->Type eq 'FreeformMultiple' or
                       $CustomField->Type eq 'SelectMultiple' );

This works for Ticket Level custom fields. This will not list Transaction Custom Fields.

In order to access Transaction Custom fields e. g. in a Template, it is necessary to enable the TransactionBatch stage. If this is not enabled, a script might trigger a Template at a point in time when the custom field is not yet available because it had not been processed yet.

The following worked for me (Debian, rt 3.4.1, to include a Transaction custom field in a template that is triggered by a scrip running on "TransactionBatch".

my $OwnCustomFieldValue;

my $ViValue;
my $TicketObj = $Ticket;
my $OwnObjectCustomFields = $TicketObj->Transactions;

$OwnContent = $Transaction;


while (my $SingleOwnCustomFieldValue = $OwnCustomFieldValue->Next)

     $RT::Logger->debug( ">  CustomField: $ViValue  <<<<<<<< \n\n" );

I assume that it is also possible to access custom-field name via CustomField->Name and the custom-field type via CustomField->Type.